eBay and Amazon Selling and Coaching Help

I’ve been selling online a long time. I’ve always been hesitant to write more “how to” info than what’s avaialable for sale here. What I’ve done instead, is combed through a lot of information (including purchasing it myself) and provided resources to people who provide honest and helpful info.

I don’t provide links to people who operate “get rich” schemes or unrealistic earning expectations, nor do I provide links to those who provide information that’s really not of value (there are a lot of people selling no-brainer information because they think their audience doesn’t have any brains!).

<a href=”http://www.MySilentTeam.com/index.cfm?affID=miracle118″ target=”blank”>My Silent Team</a> and their <a href=”http://www.mysilentteam.com/public/83.cfm?affID=miracle118″ target=”blank”>Proven eBay Course </a>. The team here runs a coaching program to help eBay sellers succeed with creative sourcing, selling, pricing and marketing strategies. This is really for those who intend to run eBay like a true business instead of like a hobby.

<a href=”http://provenamazoncourse.com?affID=miracle118″ target=”blank”>Proven Amazon Course</a>. This is really not that useful for those who wish to sell branded and designer apparel and accessories on Amazon, since those are fairly restricted categories with stringent requirements. It can work, but not to the same extent as it does for other categories. However, if you don’t mind branching out and want to generate an additional revenue stream with Amazon, this course is a great resource. I’ve  been an Amazon seller for years and it’s a viable marketplace with pros and cons when compared to eBay.