Before you send this email, let’s go over a few things:

  1. I do not want to buy your merchandise, but I can connect you with a jobber who may want to (as long as it is authentic).
  2. I do not sell merchandise.
  3. The date of the last update to the guide is listed here.
  4. I do not provide consulting services.
  5. I will not answer tons of questions about the guide, I have written extensively on this site to provide adequate information to anyone looking to purchase.
  6. The guide is applicable internationally if you want to get involved in importing, however our sources are in the USA as we are most familiar with USA trade laws.

Read this if you have purchased the guide and are having problems is run off a membership based site with downloads. The buyer first registers with a user name and a password. this grants access to the site as a member. When you purchase the ebook, you then have a download attached to that membership.

We get the exact same type of emails from people who have problems downloading the ebook and they are always for the exact same reasons (because the software works as expected):

1- They cannot access the download page, they say they are asked to purchase again every time they try to access the page. The problem is they are not logged into the website. You must log in first, then access the download page.

2- They have downloaded the ebook but they can’t open it because it requires a password, they want the password. The actual password to open the ebook is directly next to the download link, in bold letters, it’s also included in our auto responder emails. Next to the download link, it actually reads : The password to open the file is …

These two problems are the result of 98% of our emails about download problems.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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