I already deal with 15 wholesalers, why should I buy your guide?

I get this one a lot. And honestly, I’m thinking, “don’t buy the guide.” Seriously. I’m a nice person, but I’m also one of those people who won’t sugar-coat things. I won’t do a song and dance to get your business. I won’t send you pages of references. Life is too short for that. Much of what I have to say is right here on this site. People are paranoid, they think I’m going to rip them off for thirty bucks, they want to practically send a private investigator over to check me out. But they don’t question the internet company selling $150 “Prada” handbags wholesale, all day long, with a gazillion in stock.

Uh-huh. If you already know of a bazillion wholesalers, hey, have a crack at it. There’s no need to keep looking, right? But most of these companies selling on the net are opportunistic and don’t own the stock they are peddling to you.

It’s really getting out of control. It takes about five bucks and two minutes to open up a website. One hundred bucks and two hours to open a slick one. And these “large established wholesalers” are popping up all over the place. I mean, realistically, do you think that much more merchandise is becoming available on the off-price market to stock all these mega wholesalers?

But enough rambling, my point is, if you have doubts about buying the guide, don’t. It’s really that simple. People send me emails asking me if I’m legitimate. Okay, now if I weren’t, would I say yes? If you don’t trust it, don’t buy it. That goes for my guide and that goes for any deal you come across.

If you really care, why not just give the information away for free?

Good question. This industry attracts low lifes. Not just as sellers, but as buyers. I don’t give my information away for free because the price is a filter. It just keeps certain people out. Also, people tend to think all ebooks are content they can distribute and resell. Not so. I registered the copyright on my work and I pursue anybody who steals. If you’ve seen someone steal from me, snitch on them.

Why do you sell this information?

Because it’s valuable. Because I can save you time and headache by pointing you directly to companies that carry what you are looking for. Because I don’t like the way many people get ripped off trying to buy in this industry and I want to do something about it.

Will I get my money’s worth if I buy your guide?

Yes. There’s no magic here, some people think that the wholesaler from heaven will fall right into their lap and they will be in a paradise where they can buy all the brands they ever loved for at next to nothing. That’s not realistic. Most people don’t like the reality check or the wakeup call they get when they realize nothing is as easy as it seems.