You should buy Walter’s book “Import Direct from China”

I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Walter, over the years, as members of an internet marketing forum. He’s retired from active trading and now serves as a passionate advocate for businesses who want to learn how to import without purchasing obscene quantities of merchandise. First, let me say that I’m an experienced importer. Not as experienced as Walter, but I sell more imported merchandise than I sell domestic merchandise. I went to a trade show in 2007 and decided that I wanted to build a business around importing.

But it was not without pitfall. Oh I’ve had highs and lows, successes and complete wastes of money. So when I came across his book, I was curious. Buying an ebook is a difficult thing because you don’t want to buy a book from a money hungry tool who just figured they knew one thing that others didn’t and decided to write a book full of basic information anyone should know. I hate that. I really, really hate that. So you spend your time trying to figure out if the person knows more than you already know, so that you will learn something from the book.

Walter knows a lot. Even if you have experience importing, it’s worth the price just to learn different techniques and tips because even if you only learn one thing, it will probably make or save you far more money than you paid for the book. You’re at a perfect time to begin to learn about importing because the barriers to trade are rapidly being crushed and it’s far easier for a small business to get in the game, with minimal investment, than it was even just a few years ago.

This is not a book about importing designer or branded clothes and accessories. If you read my guide, you know why it’s not about that and anyone selling you something about that is probably completely full of it. This is a book about importing and using that business opportunity to build a sustainable business for yourself, that you can scale. Tons of sellers are making six and seven (even eight) figures importing merchandise, branding it, and selling it on amazon.

The best thing about purchasing Walter’s book is he’s around to answer any questions. If you’re serious about importing from China and building a business, this is the book to buy.