The Clothingbroker– Missing In Action

The most interesting email I ever received from a customer was from this guy in Singapore. He purchased the guide at what must have been a normal time in his time zone. He then proceeded to send three emails, approximately 1-2 hours apart asking why I had not processed the registration for the guide. So, when I responded I kindly told him that his purchase was at about 1AM in my time zone and his last email arrived at about 6 AM, when I was still asleep.

The Friday purchases are the worst because, I kind of tune out on Friday evening and come back to life on Monday mornings (and, of course, I am always playing catch up on Mondays). People purchase the guide on Fridays and on Mondays are ready to chargeback or complain to paypal or whatever.

I regularly have to remind people that:

A) I don’t live in the computer
B) I do have a life and can’t be on the computer all the time
C) I also have to make a living (hint: doing something other than selling this guide)
D) The guide never has been, and won’t be, an immediate download. I still manually go through and process registrations.
E) Comcast high speed internet sucks (they are constantly down) but since that’s all I have where I live, that’s what I have to live with. As I am writing this, it takes about 4 minutes for just to load. I mean, how can a person live with that?

Do the vendors in your guide sell/ship overseas?

Many do. Some vendors have a substantial export business, and some prefer that you have a US based freight forwarder that handles your exporting for you. You might do well to have a freight forwarder that can handle shipments all across the US, because this will make your buying easier.

International buyers have advantages that US and Canadian buyers don’t. Many popular brands and items cannot be sold in the US (or all of North America) because the manufacturer doesn’t want to diminish the demand for their product here. So jobbers can ONLY export these deals. Companies that come to mind are Abercrombie & Fitch (especially the logo merchandise), Citizens of Humanity, Frankie B Jeans, Tommy Bahama and others.

Additionally…To read the rest of this article, buy the guide.

I really want to buy your guide, but I am unsure, can I just get one contact first to prove that you are the real deal

You can probably tell that I wrote this one after getting an email like this. The answer is NO. Really. Then people say “Oh well you’re so rude and this and that and I won’t buy your guide.” Okay. Really, you gotta understand. I won’t cry over this. I have no idea how many people don’t buy the guide so you will just be another one of those that I don’t know about.

If I wanted to give out freebies, I would. I don’t give a hard pitch for my guide and so I don’t like it when people want a free one or a few “test contacts” to gague the guide. I’m not the hopeful that gives away the bank hoping that somebody will come back and buy. I’ve been in business a long time and I know one thing- many of the people who want a freebie never buy anyway. It’s like the people at Costco that eat up all the samples knowing they aren’t going to buy anything.

TINSTAAFL. Some of you know what that means.

Why do I have to go through all this trouble to buy the guide?

You don’t. We are leaving a simple paypal purchase option available for people who want the simple system. But, if you use the simple system, you will not be able to receive updates or subscribe to the mailing list. No exceptions to that rule. Our new system, while a little more time consuming, allows us to easily allow customers to have access to new versions of the guide, updates, announcements and new content.

Why did you change the way this site works?

Keeping up with technology. We’ve changed this site almost every year, the most recent change November 2010.

I want the PDF file. When will I receive it?

I check email periodically throughout the day. I send the electronic files when I receive your PayPal confirmation. If you buy the guide at 3 in the morning, please know that I am asleep.

How do I know your guide is not filled with crappy companies?

Well, the issue is, each company is personally researched?these are companies that I have purchased from and/or good friends and associates have bought from. That’s why it’s not a huge list of companies. When you take out the fact that most companies on the internet are brokers, you reduce the size of any list by 80-90%, then take out all the horrible, unethical sellers, and you don’t have that much to work with.

See, if you’re fortunate, you won’t waste any money. Most people end up with at least one bad deal. One, that is, if they are very lucky and very picky. If you have something that points you in the right direction, you can avoid the bad deals altogether.

I’ll say it again. If you are looking for a dream deal, a dream price or a dream anything, you will get burned. There are people that know how to sell you a dream and deliver crap, or worse, nothing at all.