Why no one is helping you with your apparel business

I get a lot of emails, most of which I ignore. There’s one particular type of email that I get (nearly daily) that irritates me so much that I figure I’d write about it.

This is why no one is helping you:

I am starting an _____ store in ______. I wanted to know what type of brands you could supply me and how can you help?

I’m not helping you and I’m not even replying to help you. When I sold on ebay, there were sellers who would say something like this in thier ads:

If you don’t read what I write in my description, it’s not likely that you’ll read what I write when I answer the question you send me because you don’t respect my time.

When people send me an email, and they clearly don’t get that I don’t actually sell clothing, I don’t respond.

And I’m sure others don’t either. In fact, many of my industry colleagues echo this sentiment. The ones who don’t get what they do tend to be the biggest time wasters.

Now, here’s the other part where you’re wrong: Nobody credible is going to chase you for your business, even if you are well funded (or claim to be). The fact that you’re not reading and you don’t understand how to contact manufacturers is an indicator that you’re unlikely to succeed. Why bother? There’s not enough quality discount designer merchandise on the market. Good jobbers barely have enough merchandise to go around, they don’t really need to hand hold newbies. A scammer will chase you for your business relentlessly because it’s a one shot deal, they need a steady flow of newbies.