Is your guide the same as this product I saw on another site?

From time to time, I get an email from a prospective customer asking me if my guide is the same as a guide on another website. To really answer that question, I need to provide a little history on how the clothing broker came about. When I initially wrote the guide, it was because through working with people in off-price, I started to come across the same problems. When I first started, I felt like there was hardly any information available. Anyone who had any information really wasn’t eager to share it because the more people in the industry, the more scarce the merchandise would become. Especially when dealing with a crowded marketplace like eBay, you are almost sabotaging your own efforts by helping other people in the industry.

I was extremely fortunate to make really good connections and learn from people who had ten, fifteen, twenty years of experience in the off-price industry and I was able to avoid a lot of mistakes. There are also times when I made mistakes and part of it was because I fell into the trap of having the gut feeling that something was wrong, not really having a good feeling about a particular buy, but moving forward anyway because I wanted to get a great deal. After all of this time in the off-price industry, I was encouraged by a really good friend to write the book. My motivation was a combination of helping people, but also taking the knowledge that I had gained, and that I was repeating to multiple people, and packaging it into a product that people could read and use as a starting point for success in the off-price industry.

The guide is not intended to be a specific blueprint or have all the answers or every single source. It is a tremendous help to people who have the initiative, talent, skill and the work ethic to succeed. But there are some people who are looking for everything to be simplistic and for them, it probably won’t be of much assistance.

When you create an information product, there are several ways to market it. Typically, what you commonly see is something that is very strong on the sales pitch, has bonus offers, or has an auto-responder. It’s a very typical squeeze page and it’s a way of marketing an informational product. I decided early on that that wasn’t how I wanted to go about it. I was just going to be straightforward – either you wanted it or you didn’t and if you didn’t, it was no big deal. As a result, I don’t offer reprint rights, I don’t offer this as a private level resale program, and the guide is not sold anywhere else except That means when you see another site that looks eerily like mine, they copied.

This site, the clothing broker; it’s been around for a long time and a lot of people have copied parts of the content and parts of the guide in an attempt to create their own product. I wrote everything myself, didn’t copy anyone, just completely and totally straightforward. I also don’t offer this product under another brand or another identity or another twist on the concept. It’s here. It is what it is, and I wrote it. If you saw someone with it somewhere else, let me know since I actually have this website, the guide and all the content protected under registered federal copyright because of all of the people who’ve the copied my content over the years.