Why Won’t A Vendor Answer My Emails/ Return My Phone Calls?

First, many are extremely busy and just not able to follow up efficiently. Secondly, many of you have the wrong approach. What you have to understand sometimes is what it’s like being on the other end of that email. You may get dozens or hundreds a day. It takes time to answer them. You will answer the ones that you can understand and then the ones that are sensible. Some others, you may not have the time or the will to get around to.

So people say hire someone to answer your emails. Yeah, if there was sufficient reason to believe that it would be worthwhile.

The problem with a jobber is that very few prospects turn into customers. That means out of 50-100 of you that call or email, maybe 1-2 will actually buy. So paying someone to deal with the first level response is almost always dependent on how much you think it will benefit you financially to do so. If someone can’t even write a decently written email, how likely are they to become a customer? Not likely at all.

I email companies all the time. And with the exception of those that only read their email when they make their biweekly trip to the public library to use the computer, I always get replies. Why? Because I compose an email knowing in my head that it’s a one way conversation. So, your emails should include your name, your company name, contact information, what you are looking for.

I’ve had some emails forwarded to me by vendors. Here’s an example of one:

“I want Seven Jeans how much are they and when can you ship them?”

For the first contact with a company, many are going to hit delete.

More appropriate:

“My name is Lucy Blue. I own a retail store in Atlanta Georgia. I currently have a need for Seven Jeans. Please let me know if your company has access to this merchandise, the pricing and the approximate turnaround time from order to shipping. Please also send the name of the appropriate person to speak to so that I can follow up via telephone.

Thank you,

Lucy Blue
Company Name
Company Address
Phone Number

That, my people, is one of the ways to compose an email. It is more professional and gives people the sense that you know how to work with a company in that capacity. But also, you are contacting a business and potentially establishing a relationship with them and it’s important to convey that you know how to communicate effectively and be professional.

Now if you still don’t get a response, then try again. People do get backlogged and can’t always reply to every email, some do fall through the cracks.

Now here’s the thing you have to look out for. Scammers are notoriously good at keeping up contact. You can email or call them anytime of the day or night and they are always there to respond. I have one customer that said “company xyz was unbelievably good to deal with, they always responded to my emails, called back immediately, sent me all kinds of documentation and pro forma invoices, gave me their Dun & Bradstreet number and everything else to instill a sense of confidence. And they ripped me off for so much money it wasn’t even funny.” You can’t always judge a company by how they respond to your correspondence. A scammer, who won’t deliver anything or will deliver counterfeit merchandise, will make a lot more profit from your order than a legitimate jobber, so they have more incentive to work with you.