I really want to buy your guide, but I am unsure, can I just get one contact first to prove that you are the real deal

You can probably tell that I wrote this one after getting an email like this. The answer is NO. Really. Then people say “Oh well you’re so rude and this and that and I won’t buy your guide.” Okay. Really, you gotta understand. I won’t cry over this. I have no idea how many people don’t buy the guide so you will just be another one of those that I don’t know about.

If I wanted to give out freebies, I would. I don’t give a hard pitch for my guide and so I don’t like it when people want a free one or a few “test contacts” to gague the guide. I’m not the hopeful that gives away the bank hoping that somebody will come back and buy. I’ve been in business a long time and I know one thing- many of the people who want a freebie never buy anyway. It’s like the people at Costco that eat up all the samples knowing they aren’t going to buy anything.

TINSTAAFL. Some of you know what that means.