A New Year, a New Outlook… or not

It has been such an incredibly long time since I updated this blog. A lot has changed, there have been a lot of issues with the website. I apologize to any buyers that fell victim to my slowness, my email problems, server problems or a host of other problems that kept me from being at peak performance.

I’ve learned a lot from you all over the past years. When you register at the website, I can get to see what brands people want. I can gauge how interest shifts from one group of brands to another. I see a lot of you still have those dreams of only selling the highest of high end merchandise. Some things change, some things stay the same.

The off-price market has changed a lot as well. I don’t see as many people being able to compete selling department store merchandise as they used to. A lot of you have told me that the money is not in store stock like it used to be. A lot of you moved off ebay and got into some (more lucrative) ventures.

A lot of you have taken my advice and developed relationships with your vendors, and the effort has paid off. Many of you developed the courage to create your own deals with small stores and designers, and that’s wonderful. It has always been a joy seeing your businesses prosper and flourish.

With that said, I bid you adieu until the new year. Have a prosperous 2005 until I start blogging again.