Naughty or Nice

So I get off the phone with this supplier and I am a little sad. Because I felt like he was a little curt, a little short, not very nice at all. So I’m sitting here thinking about this company and whether or not I want to do business with them. The person inside tells me to let it go, I don’t need to do business with someone who isn’t very nice. But the business person in me tells me that this is a competent, reliable company, I’m looking for a business relationship not a phone buddy.

I remember once I had a meeting with this consultant. She made this comment (and I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t remember exactly) that a crucial mistake people make is choosing to do business with people that they like, who are not always the best choice. And it really got me thinking today.

Let me just say that I have never known of a scammer who wasn’t nice. And neither has anybody that I know who has been scammed. They are always friendly, cordial, always available to take your call, never too busy. I think this is part of the lure, why people trust them so much. Because, obviously, when you deal with so many curt or rude suppliers, you figure you’re better off with those who are the nicest.

Often people contact me and they say, “Oh I called that company but they were so rude.” And I say, “you know what, if you are going to be in this business, you need to get over that. Quickly.” Companies that deal with consumers tend to be “nicer” than companies that deal with businesses. They may get to know you and all about your family and friends and your dog’s heart surgery, maybe, but most are too busy for that kind of chit chat. So conversations are very short and to the point. There’s not a whole lot of this and that and the other going on. What do you want and when do you need it thank you and goodbye.

And so I have had to learn to have a thick skin. Or just to not be affected by what may be perceived as unfriendliness. Keep this in mind as you contact suppliers looking for merchandise. Because if you write off every company that is, well a little off in the personal contact department, you will miss some gems. Oh, but there is a line to draw, there are boundaries, but you will figure those out.