The Clothingbroker– Missing In Action

The most interesting email I ever received from a customer was from this guy in Singapore. He purchased the guide at what must have been a normal time in his time zone. He then proceeded to send three emails, approximately 1-2 hours apart asking why I had not processed the registration for the guide. So, when I responded I kindly told him that his purchase was at about 1AM in my time zone and his last email arrived at about 6 AM, when I was still asleep.

The Friday purchases are the worst because, I kind of tune out on Friday evening and come back to life on Monday mornings (and, of course, I am always playing catch up on Mondays). People purchase the guide on Fridays and on Mondays are ready to chargeback or complain to paypal or whatever.

I regularly have to remind people that:

A) I don’t live in the computer
B) I do have a life and can’t be on the computer all the time
C) I also have to make a living (hint: doing something other than selling this guide)
D) The guide never has been, and won’t be, an immediate download. I still manually go through and process registrations.
E) Comcast high speed internet sucks (they are constantly down) but since that’s all I have where I live, that’s what I have to live with. As I am writing this, it takes about 4 minutes for just to load. I mean, how can a person live with that?