I Stand Corrected

(this post is also extremely old)
A moderator of a forum for denim aficionados emailed me the following, and I thought I would share it with you all. For information, but also because the forum looks like a great place.

Before I share his quote, I do want to give you two caveats:

1- Sometimes information I provide becomes dated as things evolve and change
2- Please don’t take this as an invitation to start sourcing products outside of their normal distribution channels. I have to say this because most of the readers of my website and blog, by and large, are people who are planning to buy product in some measurable quantity and resell it. Because of that, I try to keep you on the straight and narrow, not in the gray area. So *just because* there are some Diesel jeans made outside of Italy, doesn’t mean that Pakistanian factory that emailed you with an offer of 1000 pair is legit :)

Saw your blog – as an FYI, there are diesel jeans which are made outside of
italy. Generally speaking, these are the more ‘couture’ lines or denim jeans
which are not a part of the standard ‘denim’ line. I’ve seen jeans on the
rack in diesel stores with microstitched tags which say “Made in Morocco”
and “Made in Romania.” Diesel has manufacturing facilities for other items
in Hong Kong and India, which is why the market for fakes of things which
are made there (shirts, shoes, etc) is much larger than that for jeans. Its
also why you see a lot of fake diesel jeans coming out of asia with tags &
logos which you would ordinarily find on an authentic item from a different
line (eg: tags used only on a jacket used on a pair of jeans).

Here are some pictures of authentic diesel jeans which were made outside of


I’m the diesel mod for that forum, and I personally own about 50 pairs of
diesel jeans (along with about a dozen fakes I’ve accumulated over the years
from buying on ebay before I got wise!) and I can vouch for the fact that
some are definately made outside italy. I’ve even seen some Linen Rumbums in
Barney’s NY Coop which were made in India!

FYI :)
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