I never really wanted to manufacture clothing

I just wanted easily accessible, high quality, private label merchandise. Unfortunately, it turned out easily accessible and high quality created a contradiction of cosmic proportions.

What was easily accessible was of mediocre quality and, since it was easily accessible, was abundant in the marketplace. Years ago, I was convinced that there was a factory or two down in Los Angeles, cranking out styles for the same core group of manufacturers, just putting different fabric colors, trim colors and labels in the garment. That might even be true, but I never found them (if they did exist). Instead, I found that apparel manufacturing is unnecessarily complicated and redundant.

When i couldn’t find these magical private label factories, I begrudgingly started educating myself in apparel manufacturing. Enough to be dangerous, but not enough to feel like i was getting too involved. After all, I preferred to be the one going through racks of clothing, or look books, picking styles and colors and merchandising them, not slaving over tech packs and grading rules.

I was so fortunate to befriend Kathleen Fasanella of Fashion-Incubator.com after stumbling across her book on amazon.com.