How do I know your guide is not filled with crappy companies?

Well, the issue is, each company is personally researched?these are companies that I have purchased from and/or good friends and associates have bought from. That’s why it’s not a huge list of companies. When you take out the fact that most companies on the internet are brokers, you reduce the size of any list by 80-90%, then take out all the horrible, unethical sellers, and you don’t have that much to work with.

See, if you’re fortunate, you won’t waste any money. Most people end up with at least one bad deal. One, that is, if they are very lucky and very picky. If you have something that points you in the right direction, you can avoid the bad deals altogether.

I’ll say it again. If you are looking for a dream deal, a dream price or a dream anything, you will get burned. There are people that know how to sell you a dream and deliver crap, or worse, nothing at all.