Hey Clothingbroker, Do YOU Sell on eBay

People ask this question a lot. The truth is I did. But I don’t anymore. To be honest, I think you’d have to twist my arm behind my back while threatening to inject me with the ebola virus to get me to sell on eBay.

I don’t have anything against eBay, I just think there are better, more efficient, less costly and more stable ways to sell merchandise than eBay. But, honestly, everyone can’t do it because too many eBay sellers are stuck thinking inside the box to do anything different. I touch upon this a little bit in my guide, I don’t go into it in depth, because there are two kinds of people– the kind that just need ideas, and the kind that need handholding. And I don’t have much time to hold hands.

Some of you tell me you sell on eBay, you tell me your IDs, I don’t go look up every person that buys the guide because it would be too time consuming. Anyhow, I admire your tenacity and your work ethic and you guys work hard for every dollar you earn, because none of you make easy money. But so many of you need to think outside the eBay box.

It’s getting harder and harder, competition is tougher and tougher, you sellers running a business and/or supporting a family have to compete with hobby just for fun sellers who are just thrilled to make $5 profit on a $50 item and they are undercutting the market like crazy. And you have to know that it’s not going to be good forever. But too many of you look for the next auction, the next eBay, and you don’t realize that you might just need to think beyond eBay if you want to secure your future.

And I have some friends that still dabble in eBay, or some that sell there full time. And they might come across a deal and say to me, “If you can make quick money on eBay, why not?” It’s not always about quick money, there’s more to consider than that. But I don’t have time to really explain it because they aren’t twisting my arm behind my back and threatening to inject me with the ebola virus:)