Changes to eBay stores part 3

So why am I going through all this? The reason is simple:

If you’re going to go through the trouble of bringing your own visitors to your store, might as well do it off eBay and not pay referral fees

You know, even if you had some simple webpage with some items and paypal buy now buttons, you could get your repeat customers to buy from you. Or you could use one of hundreds of decent ecommerce software packages to set up a store of some of your popular items. But if YOU have to do the work of bringing visitors to your site, why would you pay eBay fees for doing so?

I have websites, I have this one, and others. And I work hard to market those stores. But, and here’s the big thing: I only pay fees to those venues that bring ME customers. I’m not going to bring my own customers AND pay a percentage of sale.

Some of you have these mailing lists of hundreds or thousands of buyers. SELL DIRECT. There is a great service called Constant Contact where you can send pretty little emails and include PayPal buy now buttons right in the email! When you have a special to offer, people can buy directly from the email, they don’t have to go to a website, they don’t have to go to an eBay auction or store. They can get it right then and there.

Isn’t that better than paying fees? I’d like for some of you powersellers with hundreds or thousands of customers to try it out and let me know how it works.

I think eBay is great. I think eBay is wonderful. But I don’t believe in working so hard to bring people to eBay and pay eBay listing and final value fees on top of it.