Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People Closeouts Wholesale Liquidation

That’s right, the clothingbroker.com now has the scoop on the exclusive off-price distributor for Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie & Free People. Right here in “the guide” added as of May 8, 2009. If your version of the guide predates that, download the latest version.

Let me go over a few basics:
This merchandise is not available for online retail. Absolutely NO eBay, website, etsy, whatever sales. ONLY for brick and mortar, person to person, offline sales.

The bulk of the merchandise is from Urban Outfitters, do the math, there are far more UO stores than Anthropologie stores (this also includes BHLDN). As of now, there is a consistent supply of merchandise, but of course, it will sell fast.
If you don’t have a copy of “the guide”, you need to get it now!

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